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“Symphony of Praise” – Jerry’s first video compilation. It started with the suggestion of a simple concert to raise money in his local church for Africa missions. That idea took wings as the orchestra was invited to join in the excitement. Soon a choir was added and what might have become just a CD turned into a 5-camera shoot and a brand new video was born. Producer, David Bentley, really put his best creative energies to work as he blended piano shots from a myriad of angles, combined with overhead shots from every imaginable corner of the orchestra. These live performance vignettes were blended skillfully with captivating videography from all around the world. "Symphony of Praise" is more than music and pictures. It is a full 90-minute concert including Jerry’s sharing of his heart and passion. To add to its functionality, check the MENU to bring up the entire concert but without the interspersed narration.

  • Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow  /  Praise Ye the Lord, the Almighty –  (this arrangement is drawn from his CD project "Great Hymns with a Fresh Touch." The allusions to the four-note figure from Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony, create a refreshing interlude between the songs)
  • The Russian Dance –  (also a Tchaikovsky extraction from his "Nutcracker Suite."   Jerry steps up the tempo on an already-flying piece. Pushing his technique to the absolute limit, Jerry plays 1005 notes  in the space of 64 seconds!!)
  • Tchaikovky’s First Piano Concerto (excerpts) – (probably Jerry’s signature classical piece – a crowd-pleaser with audiences of every age)
  • Wayfarin Stranger / I Want Jesus to Walk With Me – (the video work on this sumptuous jazz rendition spins out of a very inspired moment from video producer, David Bentley)
  • I’ll Fly Away –  (the Congo is known for its anti-American sentiment.  Playing in one of its dust-bowl, soccer stadiums, the crowd was cold as ice (we’ve probably earned their anti-American sentiment) – that is, until Jerry pulled out this arrangement of "I’ll Fly Away" and played it laying on his back with head under the keyboard and arms crossed.  The crowd absolutely came unglued, begging for an encore. God used the novelty moment as more than 1,000 new converts prayed the sinner’s prayer that night)
  • The Jewish Medley – (an electrifying medley of three praise songs straight out of the repertoire of our Hebraic ancestors)
  • Tribute – (in this interlude between two Hebraic pieces, Jerry pays tribute to martyrs of the faith – war heroes – and Cassie Bernall, the young Columbine H.S. student, who gave up her life because she would not renounce her faith)
  • Schindler’s List – (every ounce of feeling is squeezed out of this provocative and powerful piece from the movie of the same name)
  • Jesus Paid It All – (another incredible video backdrop behind one of the most sensitive renditions  of this great hymn)
  • Jesus Loves Me –  (this round-the-world travelog takes you to every corner of the globe as Jerry plays this familiar Sunday School song in seven different styles from Country to Oriental and Caribbean to New Orleans jazz.   The piece evokes much audience involvement and truly brings out Jerry’s subtle sense of humor)
  • O Happy Day – (opening with a whole sea of bongos and congas, the video replaces the traditional keyboard with an animated, tumbling keyboard that rolls across the screen evolving and changing shape as the arrangement develops.  Ultimately the video introduces the viewer to a myriad of happy faces including all of Jerry’s grandchildren having the time of their lives. The musical style is sort of a jazz masterpiece that will forever be a standard in his repertoire)
  • This Is My Father’s World – (what producer, David Bentley, did with rapid-fire still shots woven around the 5/4 Brubeck measures, is ingenious. Seven separate sets of 13 shots that make you not want to blink. Each set takes you somewhere: to the jungles of Africa, to 5 generations of Nelson family to mission projects in the Congo to Jerry playing in concert. The piece would be very entertaining with no sound whatsoever)
  • Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee – (in this piece, the music of which is drawn from Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, Jerry finds a clever jazz groove and shifts back and forth from that groove to contrasting moments of "Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring")
  • How Great Thou Art –  (this arrangement as a stand-alone piece will be one of Jerry’s most requested pieces.  But add the desert scene for an introduction  – followed by a Cape Canaveral rocket launch into outer space, followed by very captivating video from air, land and under the sea, and you have a production piece that is very stunning and holds an audience captive from the first to the last note)
  • Holy, Holy, Holy – (as, I’m sure, you’ve never heard it before. This arrangement is a very fresh treatment inspired by Jerry and Rachel’s trips to the Congo. It clearly shows the influence of Rhumba – the dominant style in all of the Congo)

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