Mountain Rhapsodies – CD




“Mountain Rhapsodies”– Jerry’s love for the mountains spills out in this project – also a double-length CD of almost 70 minutes. Unlike most of his recordings, this one is entirely pop and lighter classics such as “Fur Elise,” but even the classics are contemporized by the use of special instruments and rhythmic patterns. For the project, Jerry wrote an original programmatic piece for piano and orchestra that dramatically traces the Titanic voyage from launch to ultimate disaster.

  • Chariots of Fire (a splendid piece brilliantly arranged and recorded)
  • Rhapsody In Blue (a perennial concert favorite)
  • Fur Elise (one of Beethoven’s favorite, with a refreshingly new twist)
  • Titanica (excellent program notes to help you follow the Titanic drama)
  • Love’s the Reason Why – (one of Jerry’s most lyrical original songs)
  • The Sound of Music (a medley of best titles from the all-time favorite musical including: The Sound of Music / My Favorite Things / Climb Every Mountain)
  • Moonlight Sonata (another Beethoven piece with a new twist)
  • The Impossible Dream
  • Lara’s Theme from ‘Dr. Zhivago’
  • On the Trail from ‘The Grand Canyon Suite’
  • Claire de Lune (by Debussey)
  • Carmen Meets Wm. Tell (a pleasant medley of these two ‘pop’ classical pieces)

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