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"Classics & Sacreds" – Delight in the inspired arrangements of Jerry Nelson as he blends the classic with the sacred. He says, "The fact that Classical and Religous music merged so naturally in the project, comes as no surprise. Why should it? Their Source is the same. God doesn’t inspire only ‘religious’ music. Creativity and inspiration surround us. Nature echoes it… It pulsates in the power of a concerto – in the fire of a whirling dance." Enjoy scenery from the oceans of Hawaii and Washington, forestry from the California Redwoods and Oregon along with beautiful flowering streams, waterfalls, wildflowers and rain-kissed blossoms.

Classics & Hymns on this DVD: Piano Concerto No. 2 & Hiding in Thee, Reverie, Piano Concerto No. 1, Liebestraum & It is Well With My Soul and Piano Concerto in A Minor.

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