A FREE Mega-Medley #IMM-1 INSTR ARR (Classical) Lvl 1-6




This incredible Mega-Medley gives you an opportunity to “test-drive” more than a dozen of the most popular Classics llike “William Tell Overture,” “Habanera,” “Tchaikovsky Concerto #1,” and more. Not just a “sampler,” since each excerpt is musically knit to the next one. This Free Mega-Medley includes Printed Arrangement (with unique Dual Staff System) for Bb, C & Eb Treble concert C Bass instruments.

A Performance Track of this entire Mega-Medley is also available for $5.99 – 1/3 of normal price. Go to Companion Performance Track.

Click Here for the full-lengthArrangements of each of these Mega-Medley titles.

Time: 9:50 © Copyright 2015 by Jerry Nelson

This Free medley is available for Download only.