Great "TRADITIONALS" (Solo & Duet)

A FREE Mega-Medley #VMM-1 VOC ARR (Trad / Original) Sol/Du$0.00
Away in a Manger - SOL Arr (Lull / MidRg=A-Bb)$1.99
Balm in Gilead - SOL/DU Arr (Sym / MidRg=A-A)$1.99
Birthday of a King - SOL/DU Arr (Sym / MidRg=A-E)$1.99
Blessed Assurance - VOC Arr (Jazz / MidRg=C-E)$1.99
Bound for the Promised Land - VOC Arr (Jazz-Contemp / MidRg=C-E)$1.99
Crown of Life (Medl)-SOL Arr (Jazz-Insp / MidRg=C-D)$1.99
Dear Lord and Father of Mankind-SOL/DU Arr (Sym / MidRg=A-C)$1.99
Deep River / Roll Jordan Roll - SOL Arr (Sym-Pop / MidRg=C-E)$1.99
Down from His Glory - SOL/DU Arr (Sym / MidRg=D-G#)$1.99
Go Tell It / God Rest Ye - SOL Arr (Jazz-Madrigal / MidRg=C-D)$1.99
Hark the Herald Angels Sing - SOL/DU Arr (Contemp / MidRg=G-A)$1.99
Higher Ground - SOL Arr (Jazz / MidRg=Bb-D)$1.99
I Bowed on my Knees - SOL/DU Arr (Insp / MidRg=G-Bb)$1.99
It Came Upon the Midnight Clear v2 - SOL/DU Arr (Sym / MidRg=A-A)$1.99
It Came Upon the Midnight Clear v1 - SOL/DU Arr (Sym / MidRg=F-F#)$1.99
Jesus, Oh What a Wonderful Child - SOL/DU Arr (Jazz / MidRg=A-A)$1.99
Jesus Paid it All - SOL Arr (Sym / MidRg=Eb-E)$1.99
Joy to the World / Hark the Herald - SOL Arr (Symph / MidRg=D-E)$1.99
Joy to the World v1 - SOL Arr (Jazz / MidRg=Bb-Bb)$1.99
Just as I Am-SOL Arr (Jazz / MidRg=Db-Eb)$1.99
Let Us Break Bread Together - SOL Arr (Jazz / MidRg=G-B)$1.99
More About Jesus - SOL Arr (Jazz / MidRg=Bb-Db)$1.99
O Come All Ye Faithful v1 - SOL/DU Arr (Sym / MidRg=C#-F)$1.99
O Come All Ye Faithful v2 - SOL Arr (Symph / MidRg=E-G)$1.99
O Happy Day - SOL Arr (Jazz / MidRg = C-D)$1.99
O Holy Night v2 - SOL/DU Arr (Blues-Gospel / MidRg=Bb-D)$1.99
O How I Love Jesus-SOL/DU Arr (Inspir / MidRg=F-F)$1.99
O Little Town of Bethlehem v1 - SOL Arr (Sym / MidRg=B-D)$1.99
O Little Town of Bethlehem v2 - SOL Arr (Contemp / MidRg=F-G)$1.99
Silent Night v1 - SOL Arr (Jazz / MidRg=G-C)$1.99
Silent Night v2 - SOL Arr (Sym / MidRg=C#-F)$1.99
The First Noel v1 - SOL Arr (Symph / MidRg=F#-C)$1.99
The First Noel v2 - SOL Arr (Sym / MidRg=Bb-D)$1.99
Thou Didst Leave Thy Throne v1 - SOL/DU Arr (Sym / MidRg=Ab-A)$1.99
Tis so Sweet to Trust-SOL/DU Arr (Cntmp / MidRg=B-B)$1.99
We Three Kings - SOL Arr (Orient / Mid-Rg=D-D)$1.99
What Child is This? - SOL/DU Arr (Jazz / MidRg=B-D)$1.99