The Method

There are three ways a church can utilize Jerry’s God-given talents:

The Typical Concert is the first option. Being about 85% music, his concerts are both inspirational and entertaining, blending a wide spectrum of styles with anecdotes and illustrations stemming from many life experiences, and accented by moments of humor.

The Worship Service is a second option. Often, just 15 or 20 minutes of music can prepare an audience for hearing the Word using a combination of hymns and worship choruses. In other settings, with 30 or 40 minutes, it would include leading the audience in the worship experience using hymns and / or worship choruses drawn from CCLI’s top 25 list. In other settings he’s invited to take the whole service but without forfeiting the sharing of the Word. Jerry’s approach to worship, typically threads Scripture, personal sharing and congregational worship through his piano selections in a seamless flow.

Jerry has a way of weaving together a tapestry of music, Scripture and "five-minute windows" from his personal journey with God. You get the sense that you’ve truly worshipped . . . but without preaching. Never controversial - but always challenging and thought provoking.

The "Symphony of Praise" is an exciting third option. It involves more of the local talent including the church choir, drawing from a menu of piano solo arrangements with choir. Using your church orchestra is an option. Other possibilities include local pianist(s) teaming up with Jerry - a great way to inspire young, and even more seasoned players.

The "Symphony of Praise" is an incredible Outreach tool. If outreach is the intent, sizzling favorites like "Chariots of Fire" or "Rhapsody In Blue" combine well with some Classics but typically progressing toward a grand "How Great Thou Art" finale. Schedule it on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday night, perhaps combining churches together. It could even be a ticketed event in formal attire. For a closer look at the possibilities, you may purchase the "Symphony of Praise" - a full concert DVD with all proceeds benefiting the Nelson’s mission efforts in Africa.